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LOF Characterization
Updated: 10/29/2020
LOF Characterization
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  • Ralph
  • ¨The fire’s the most important thing. Without the fire we can’t be rescued. I’d like to put on war-paint and be a savage. But we must keep the fire burning. The fire’s the most important thing on the island¨
  • Piggy
  • What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages? What's grownups going to think?
  • Jack
  • ¨ I ought to be chief...because Iḿ chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp.¨
  • ¨ This quote shows that Ralph is a leader and he knows their priorities and what they need to do to survive, he putś everyone else before himself when they are on the island. I think the author saw Ralph as an overall good person, but I also think he saw his as the boss, I view Ralph as a good person but not so much as the boss but a leader.
  • Simon
  • Maybe there is a beast... maybe it´s only us
  • Piggy is a kind person that everyone is the group doesn´t respect heś definitely a rule follower and is very dependent on grownups but is smart. I think the authors perspective on PIggy is that heś weak but kind, and that is also the way I see him.
  • Sam and Eric
  • ¨Samneric¨
  • Jack is a leader, he may make bad decisions but, he was able to get every boy on the island to obey his rule. I think the author´s POV on Jack is that heś a strong, willpowered person who wants what they want. I view Jack as a headstrong person who can take charge when needed, but that may not always be a good thing.
  • Roger
  • ¨You don´t look half a mess¨
  • This quote shows that simon thinks that the group will change from civilized to savages before it happens. The author thinks that simon is a kind and loyal person since he always sticks with Ralph. I think that simon is a kind but curious person.
  • This quote shows that these two boys are very dependent on each other and want to stay together. Sam and Eric are twin boys who just follow what Ralph or Jack tell them to do. I think the author viewed Sam and Eric as followers and loyal people. I also do think that Sam and Eric are very loyal, throughout the book they are loyal no matter what gto Ralph even when they aren´t supposed to be.
  • Roger shows that is a supporter of Jack and his ideas. Roger is a sly, sneaky boy. He doesn´t seem like he´d be important but he is. I think the author views Roger as an evil, dangerous person. I view Roger as a sly and quiet person but also a follower he falls underneath Jackś rule and tries to get Sam and Eric to join.
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