Simmons StoryBoard
Updated: 6/15/2020
Simmons StoryBoard
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  • Southampton, Virginia
  • Simmons' Slave Quarters,Drewryville, Virginia
  • Tobacco Field
  • August 21, 1831: Preacher and rebel leader Nat Turner began his uprising against white slave owers, the elite of Eastern Virginia. After two days, over 50 people were slaughtered by Turner and his rebel slaves. Whites in the area pursued aggressive, oppresive legislative policies to prevent another uprising and killed over 120 blacks, freed and enslaved.
  • Queen Anne Road
  • Jasper: "And that is why you cannot go into town today. These militia men are crawlin’ all over Southampton, Black Creek, Drewryville, Courtland, and Vicksville. You and I need to keep to ourselves, but keep watch over Mama here and the girls. You and me work the tobacco and do nuttin’ else. They comin’ after men and by God, they won’t be takin’ my son."
  • Seymour's Capture
  • Seymour: "You really think they come for us? You and me? We didn’t do nuttin’ but stay in the fields that day and go back home, eat and sleep afterwards. How could Master even think we be part of Turner’s bunch? He saw us all day workin’. He know we good."
  • Town Square
  • Seymour: "I’m sorry Pa. I know you upset. But I couldn’t let you go alone. Pa, what’s goin’ on? Why you think they sendin’ us down to Town Hall?"Jasper: "I don’t know, son. But I reckon it ain’t good. Listen, when we get there, you stay on the cart and let me do the talkin’. When they show us where to unload then, and only then, you get down and help."
  • Officer: "Thank you for the confirmation boy, but we already knew it was you, Jasper. Slave agitator and Turner accomplice Jasper Simmons: Adult male, about six foot, 1 inch tall, muscular build, deep set brown eyes and furrowed brows, large hands and feet, short cropped hair, broad shoulders and can run like a deer. I’d say you fit the description quite well, wouldn’t you Jasper?"
  • Jasper: "You are strong, son. Stronger than you think you are. You did a very brave thing today. You are a fine man and you have made your Mama and I very proud. My boy, keep your head up high and know that God will be there when this is over."
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