Making Forces Funny
Updated: 2/3/2020
Making Forces Funny
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  • HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! They will never catch me.
  • Due to the force of gravity I will fall to the ground, and the air resistance from this parachute will let me glide safely down.
  • Stop!!!!
  • You will never catch me...
  • Magnet Shop
  • The recoil of the spring shot me far into the air, and now I'm about to crash!
  • One day a robber decided to rob a plane, and his plan for a great escape was to parachute down away using gravity as his advantage.
  • Hahaha! They won't ever catch me now
  • The robber quickly evaded the cops by using the rolling friction on the skateboard that caused him to move faster than the police officer. On his way he used his giant magnet to steal coins from all over the city.
  • Oh no, he just fell!
  • Since he didn't pay attention to where he was going he accidentally rode on a spring that launched him in the air flying straight to a puddle.
  • We've got you now!
  • As he slipped through the puddle he was quickly put into danger as he started sliding right towards the bridge!
  • The robber slipped all the way off of the bridge, and gravity caused him to plunge towards the water!
  • Luckily, just in time a police boat came with a trampoline using it's elasticity to safely catch and return the robber to the ground safely right before arresting him.
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