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  • A mother and her son are walking from the supermarket one day downtown.We see homeless people on the streets, some have the urge to help them out.
  • Mom, can we give him a blanket he looks cold
  • Even though she doesn't have a blanket to spare she thinks about buying one from the supermarket to give
  • I'm sorry hunny but I don't have a blanket to spare
  • We have a homeless shelter open at nights, most of the homeless people that come explain that they are in poverty and that they don’t have very much, so we try to use are resources to get them back on their feet. If our shelter doesn’t work we provide different things like food drives, donations, set up tents, or relocate to another shelter.
  • Son how about you ask him does he want to come to the shelter !
  • What we don’t want people to do is take advantage of this opportunity, they have to be ready to get back up because the consequences are them not having a long-term plan, or they might not like what we provide or they will want to leave.
  •  Mom, I asked him and he said yes but we wanted to make sure we had room for his family
  • The more people we have the better fewer people being freezing cold at night on the streets
  • Yes, we have room give him all the information and tell him he can come with his family tonight at 7:30
  • Humans should treat other humans with respect and dignity because we are all the same. No matter what there dealing with we should always extend a hand they would want someone to help their people
  • yes mom he understands can we say a quick prayer for him and his family?
  • Just remember you can't stay there for long term this is only temporary
  • Of course son “ Lord give me strength in my weakness. Give Me Faith in my fear. Give me power in my powerlessness. I'm trusting you amen “
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