Unknown Story

Updated: 9/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • whatever at least come with me
  • yo wanna go in the bathroom and hit my vape
  • no, my grandma died from lung cancer i'm not doing that stuff
  • i have to get to practice
  • no i'm not doing it studies show that at least 70 people have died from it
  • that isn't even that much calm down
  • come on dude just hit it once
  • do it then
  • just take one hit then i'll leave you alone
  • what are you doing here you don't play basketball
  • if you don't leave me alone i will hit you
  • AHHHH let's get in the ring
  • you wanna fight because I didn't do something illegal
  • yes I do
  • you sure wanna do this over a vape
  • because you would not leave me alone about a stupid vape that kills you slowly
  • https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/basic_information/e-cigarettes/severe-lung-disease.html
  • you really just knocked me out