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Updated: 2/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • We're finally free from Spain!
  • Look how many people are coming in!
  • This isn't fair. I don't want to convert.
  • We can't get rid of it!
  • Me either! And what about slavery?!
  • The Mexican government; Everyone must convert to Roman Catholicism.
  • Let's fight for independence
  • The settlers formed their own government. Then Antonio Lopez fought them and regained control...
  • Man, this is no fair! We can't let him control us.
  • (Sam Houston)Let's fight them. We have to win our land back!!
  • They go to war...
  • Now that we're free, we need protection from Mexico.
  • Maybe the United States could help us out. We should talk to them.
  • The USA considering their offer...
  • Hmmm... We could use the extra land.
  • Yes we could! It will be so helpful for expanding slavery and for
  • agricultural purposes!! We have to accept them.
  • A bit of time passes...
  • As the president of the United States, we are proud to announce.......Texas is the 28th state!