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Updated: 6/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • is it just me or are there heaps of line jumpers on the swings
  • yeah I agree
  • yeah I got pushed out of the line
  • lets figure a way to stop line jumpers
  • OK I agree
  • me too
  • OK first lets think why line jumpers are line jumping
  • I think that they are not patient and they want their turn
  • we should try to think of a solution
  • maybe we should send an email to the teachers
  • yeah that is a great idea
  • I agree lets tell them in the email that it is not okay to line jump
  • OK lets go tell the teacher
  • excuse me miss can we ask a favor
  • yeah go ahead
  • sure that is a great idea
  • can we send an email out to tell teachers to tell there students that its not okay to line jump