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Unknown Story
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  • 2.yeah i am tied todayand what's about you
  • i am from north korea
  • yes it is divided into two parts north and south korea
  • KOREAN WAR1950
  • is the korea divided into two parts
  • yeah i am also good i haven't seen you before . where are you from?
  • but how?
  • 1.hey solider "how are you" it seems to be that you are sad
  • "ohh well " the 38th parallel on the side ; communist north korea supported by the USSR, on the other side , pro american with south korea
  • 1.for centuries before the division the peninsula was a single ruled by dyanstic kingdoms. korea chafed under japanese colonial rule for 35 years until the end of world war .when its division into two nations began.
  • unfortunately it was conflict between the democratic people's of korea [ north and south korea] in which at least 2.5 million persons lost their lives
  • 2. can you tell me something about war as how it started?
  • can you name the countries which where supported on both sides ?
  • yeah , stress on both sides are higher than ever as koreans wanted united government on both sides and can enjoy their rights but both influnced countries can't come to an agreement
  • what are interesting facts about the korean war?
  • what was ironic about the korean war?
  • his information was unknown for me about the war what do you think did canada play any role in war?
  • my father told me that sadly 516 canadians were died during the war.
  • to call it a forgotten war is ironic , because it is a conflict that is very much alive, north korea ideology and propaganda , inside demilitarized zone.
  • canada played important role during war more than 26,000 canadians served on land , at sea in the air during bitter conflict
  • sure china fought on the side of north korea and soviet union send them military. USA sent about 90% of the troops to south korea
  • yes you are right and the war ended in the year of 1953
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