Math project comic strip part 1
Updated: 3/16/2021
Math project comic strip part 1

Storyboard Text

  • So class, we will be having a quiz tomorrow on compound interest and the distributive property. I will be going over a few problems to make sure you understand it.
  • Ugh! Why do I have to deal with this? You think this is going to help the students with anything?
  • The first problem we will be going over is a compound interest problem. This example is $6000 at 10% for 3 years. So first you have to acknowledge that the 10% will be 0.1 in our equation since we're moving the decimal twice. You should already know why this is the case and if you don't you're in trouble.
  • Yeah you are. You better get some studying done tonight. You should have known this material by now.
  • Well I forgot
  • Oh, I'm in trouble
  • You can't forget this material. You move the decimal twice since you divide the percentage by 100 since it's a way to figure out the future price. You have to add it with one in a parenthesis and put the 3 as an exponent for the decimals. Also, don't forget to put the $6000 next to it to multiply it after you add the 0.05 with the 1 and multiply the number by the exponent.
  • Geez. Who needs to go through this again? We already know how to do these stupid questions.
  • You're late Louis
  • I know that
  • Soooooo do you have your book project finished yet?
  • I'm almost finished with it. Give me some more time please.
  • You've been telling me that for the past few weeks now. It's the same excuse every single day! Like I mean, it's been a month past due and you still don't have it finished yet? You gotta be kidding me! It's almost the end of the second marking period and fifteen of you don't have your projects submitted yet! I can't keep giving you guys more time if you aren't going to use it wisely! I'm going to have to email your parents about this!
  • But this time I mean it. I have two more slides to complete.
  • Moving on, the next problem we will review is based on the distributive property. This example is -8(3+7r)=-32+6r. So class, what do you have to do first?
  • I don't know