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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/21/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Beowulf tracks Grendels mother to the cave underneath the lake near Herot and defeats her using a sword made by giants
  • Beowulf returns to the surface with the sword and Grendel's head and the giants sword
  • So dies Beowulf, the most famous and courageous of the Geats
  • Beowulf's body is burned on a funeral pyre by his people and a barrow is built in his honor
  • Beowulf uses the giant sword to kill Grendel's mother
  • Beowulf returns with the sword and Grendel's head to prove to Hrothgar and his Danes that he did kill him
  • Wiglaf, the only loyal Thane of and recently crowned king of the Geats, looks on as Beowulf is burned in a pyre
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