The Recovery
Updated: 5/21/2020
The Recovery

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  • Basketball has become a big part of my life because I have been playing since forever. I started playing officially in 3rd grade with my parents as the coaches. My 8th grade season was very important to me because it would be the last time I ever played with my team. On February 23, 2019 my basketball team had a game against the force to prepare for the championship game.
  • Recovery
  • During the basketball game, I was tripped and I fell and hit my head. It felt as if the world had stopped and wen't fuzzy. I don't remember what happened after I fell, it was like my memory had been wiped. I didn't feel pain but it felt like I was being drowned by my own confusion.
  • The world was spinning out of control and the light was blinding. Whenever I opened my eyes, the pain became overwhelming. The only comfort I had was the darkness and isolation of my room. For the next few months I was the champion of sleeping, I felt like I was in hibernation.
  • When I fell, I damaged the part of my brain involved in sight and memory. Eventually, my poor vision made me get an extra pair of eyes. For weeks, it was impossible to stand by myself without falling. I felt like I was fighting a gust of wind that always found a way to push me over.
  • You hit your right temporal side of your head.
  • I was absent from school for four months and during this time I had physical therapy sessions 3 times a week. I focused on my balance and vision and soon I was able to stand by myself and be able to see clear from a foot in.
  • You must do these exercises every day in order to recover.
  • My first day of highschool was also my first day of school since my concussion. After months of therapy I was able to go the full day without the room spinning. I only needed protection from the constant roaring of the students. On November 5th, I was cleared to play physical contact sports. I was now a step closer to being fully recovered. The pain that had stayed with me since the fall was slowly vanishing.