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Updated: 1/21/2020
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  • symptoms
  • diagnosis
  • why does my baby have wrinkles and hair loss progeria - a progressive genetic disorder that causes children to age rapidly . children with progeria generally appear normal at birth. During the first year, signs and symptoms, such as slow growth and hair loss, begin to appear.Heart problems or strokes are the eventual cause of death in most children with progeria. The average life expectancy for a child with progeria is about 13 years. was this helpful
  • diseasesupport.gov
  • gene causing disease
  • i looked up something on the internet called progeria it seems risky
  • please tell me my son doesnt have it
  • i am sorry to inform you that it is true your son has progria a genetic disorder that causes him to age quite early....
  • Mutations in the LMNA gene cause Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome also known as progeria
  • so what does this mean ? can my child give this to someone else ?
  • slow growth, wrinkles, hair loss, enlarged head, joint stiffness
  • prognosis
  • no your child cannot give it to someone else since its genetics
  • treatment
  • the LMNA gene provides instructions for making a protein called lamin A. This protein plays an important role in the nucleus, making cells more likely to die prematurely when mutations occur
  • cure?
  • i wonder will there ever be a cure
  • progeria cannot be transferable between people
  • 2
  • treatment includes physical thearpy hearing aids and medication for joint pains and vitamins
  • there is no cure for progeria
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