The stolen party
Updated: 1/24/2020
The stolen party
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  • The Stolen Party
  • That girl is not your friend, You are just the maids daughter
  • She just wants a friend
  • I'll show them that she is my friend.
  • Why she wants to prove them wrong
  • I'll show them that i am her friend by being the best friend at the party
  • Rosaura believes that she is Luciana's friend but her mom says“‘Listen, Rosaura,” she said at last. “That one’snot your friend. You know what you are to them? The maid’s daughter, that’s what"’(7).
  • The moment of conflict
  • I come here with mom and do homework
  • Rosaura thinks she is Luciana's friend and will prove the people who say they are not wrong.
  • Getting Revenge
  • Rosauras mom and Lucianas cousin said that she isnt her friend and will prove them wrong at the party
  • What she relized
  • Thanks for helping me my pet
  • Rosaura told her that she was her friend by saying“ ‘I come here every afternoon with my mother and we do our homeworktogether"' (20). Then Luciana's cousin makes fun of her for aying it wrong
  • You do homework with your momhahahahaha
  • Rosaura got angry and got revenge by kicking her shin when no one was looking and later giving her a little thin slice of cake.
  • After the party Luciana's mom did not think Rosaura as friend and said ‘“You really and truly earned this,” she said handing them over. ‘Thank you for all your help, my pet"' (64).
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