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Electricity Comic
Updated: 3/26/2020
Electricity Comic
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BY:Gulnaaz Multani

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  • My Electricity Safety Comic
  • Don't fly kites near power lines!
  • OMG! What are you doing you should never put something metal in a toaster.
  • I never knew that. Woah! That was a close one
  • By:Gulnaaz Multani (6G)
  • OH NO! I left my drink with the computer. Drinks and Devices aren't a very good match.
  • You should never fly kites or drones near power lines because the electricity can travel down the cord and can cause serious injury.
  • AHH! There lighting i'm just going to hide under the tree
  • Climb that ladder.
  • Putting metal things in the toaster can be very dangerous and can lead to fatal shocks.
  • Water and electriciy do NOT mix. This means that you shoundn't keep drinks near your computer or a device. You also shouldn't keep things like hair straightener near sinks or bath tubs.
  • Sitting under a tree is very dangerous and should never be done. Why? Well because the lighting is attracted to the tallest tip of a conductor and if lighting hits the tree while someone is under the tree the electricity can travel down the tree and jump towards the human conductor. Therefore, you should never sit or stand under a tree during lighting.
  • Well in this picture they are two things wrong. First, there is a glass of water near the phone as we know from before water and devices aren't a very good match. Second, there is a lose wire just hanging there this can be dangerous if for example the wire gets pulled or tripped over.
  • What's Wrong in this picture?
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