The Hornets
Updated: 11/11/2020
The Hornets

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  • Washington D.C. 2020,
  • Bob Jackson has been working at Washington Insect Exterminators for a couple of years.
  • John Johnson, a rival entomologist, works for a different company. Which is in competition with Bob’s company.
  • Meanwhile, in another part of Washington D.C.
  • Murder Hornets. A deadly species of hornets that is known to be aggressive.
  • Recently, a new invasive species has been discovered in Washington D.C.
  • During news broadcast, at Washington Insect Exterminators
  • PLAN: Make money, get rid of Hornets.
  • Meanwhile at John's company
  • Boss, I have a great plan to beat the other company. (1.)
  • I'll sabotage the company Bob works at. I'll give them false information about the Hornets. So they work on something wrong towards solving it. (3.)
  • Really? Tell me about it. (2.)
  • Great idea. Do it and tell me once it is done. (4.)
  • Alright. Thank you Jimmy for everything you have done. You have always been of great help to me. (3.)
  • Jimmy, I'm unsure of what to focus on. On one hand, we need to beat the competition. On the other, the public is at risk. (1.)
  • Focus on the public. Who cares if the competition looks better. The safety of the people should come first. (2.)
  • While Bob is staring off at the wall, John steals some papers from the copier.
  • Could've sworn I just printed something. Guess, I'll just reprint them.
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