The Resilient Mother Revised
Updated: 2/23/2020
The Resilient Mother Revised
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  • Magna and her partner come are brand new parents. Magna's fear of what the future holds beckons as she is too young to be a mother.
  • Will we be okay?
  • ....
  • Magna's partner disappears and as a result, she is forced to leave her home with her son. She has no means to provide for anyone and has nowhere to go.
  • Where will we go? What will I do? I can't do this on my own!
  • If you can't pay your fees, you'll have to leave this house.
  • Magna has been on her own for a few weeks now, she and her son are starving. Magna feels like she's at her breaking point.
  • I'm lost.. I'm cold.. I don't know what to do! I need strength!
  • I need guidance, I don't know how to survive with my son..
  • After pleading with all of her might ever since she had to leave her life behind, a heavenly being appeared to Magna in her dreams; she turned to prayer for answers. It revealed to her a glimpse of her potential and her survival.
  • Your son will be the source of your strength, you will be capable of things you thought impossible for his sake.
  • Magna and her son have been travelling for a couple years, she has learned to wield a sword. She has started to become independent as she provides for herself and her son.
  • Magna has learned how to hunt, to get her hands dirty and do things she never thought she would have to do herself. She could not lie down and fail her son.
  • Magna charges a werewolf headstrong just to protect her son. The being she saw in her dream recognized the strength she would have to push forward. She continues to have a guiding angel watching over her.
  • Mom!
  • After facing danger earlier in the night, Magna watches as her son sleeps peacefully, her sword has become her tool for her strength. She has come a long way from the despair she felt years ago in the dark forest.
  • We're safe here my son, you can sleep.
  • Word has spread of Magna's feat, though her name is not known. Her action is becoming known to everyone, her strength and her bravery to face whatever comes her way to protect her son.
  • The legendary werewolf of the forest was slain! There was pieces of a white dress found in the claws of the beast! A woman slayed it!
  • Magna has survived on her own with her growing son. The growth Magna had from being a lost single mother, hopeless as she was thrown into the world, into a strong and proud mother capable of conquering the most frightening obstacles if it meant protecting and providing for her son. Her actions carried more weight than she ever could have thought as people everywhere spoke about the brave swords-woman. When in reality she is just, simply, a mother.
  • We will cross this bridge, leaving our old life behind and beginning anew.
  • Magna faces and conquers every threat she comes across along her journey with her son. She has struggled hard to create a life for the pair but her strength has grown due to her desire to protect her son.
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