Terrible Things Project
Updated: 3/18/2020
Terrible Things Project

Storyboard Text

  • The Terrible Things take all the white rabbits from the forest, but Little Rabbit hides behind a rock. The other rabbits called for help, but nobody was there to help them.
  • After all the other rabbits got taken, and he was the only animal left in the forest, he realizes that if all the animals had stuck together, they would all still be there together.
  • You guys need to stick together, or else the Terrible Things are going to take you all one by one, and you will miss your friends and family.
  • Little Rabbit goes to tell other forest creatures about the Terrible Things, and hopes that they will listen to him and stick together.
  • Little Rabbit gets to the other forest and sees all the animals together.
  • Little Rabbit finds some animals, and tells him about how the Terrible Things took all of the animals away from the forest, and that they all need to work together to beat the Terrible Things.
  • All of the animals take Little Rabbits advice and stick together so the Terrible Things can't take any of them.