Updated: 5/21/2020

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  • Act lll Scene l
  • Brutus and the other conspirators continue their plan to murder Julius Caesar. Each one of them stab him continuously. Brutus deals the final blow and Caesar says "Even you, Brutus"
  • Not you too Brutus!
  • Mark Anthony gets Brutus's approval to speak first at Caesars funeral. At first, the crowd loves Brutus's speech. However, Mark Antony reminds the people how much Caesar really did for them. He then shows them Caesars clothes with blood stains. The people decide to burn the conspirators houses.
  • Act lll Scene ll
  • Brutus and Cassius argue with their army around because Brutus accuses Cassius for accepting bribes and not supplying money to pay the soldiers.
  • Act lV Scene ll