Updated: 9/12/2021

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  • Haven't heard anything?- since i walked in i'm feeling strange vibes!!
  • -Oh, come on, don't scare us, dude!!
  • -No, I have been with you at all times and I haven't heard anything
  • What I told you, I felt something strange, it turned out to be a damn abandoned hospital!!
  • -Oh, really? -but now it's abandoned!.
  • -Oh guys!! I had been here before, when I broke my arm!!
  • while we were walking on the alone street at night, we saw an the abandoned hospital.
  • -You guys know how horror movies start, right?
  • Because i'm already feeling very scared!!
  • -Don't worry ma'am, we'll just take a look and go!!
  • Well, abandoned, abandoned, the hospital wasn't there!!
  • x x x x x
  • -Oh guys, you shouldn't have walked in!
  • -Okay, but try not to touch anything guys, they don't like it
  • These guys have come in while i was sleeping?
  • -Guys, this was a bad idead, that lady referred to them, as if we were not alone!!
  • I wish I hadn't entered!
  • While they were walking, they heard something strange
  • -Guys, i've been feeling weird, like i'm sick!
  • Have you heard that guys??-as if someone is crying!-Let's see what it is!
  • Is this what you've been listening??
  • I'm gonna dieeeeeee
  • -You shouldn't have come in her.-GET OUT OF HERE NOW OR I WILL KILL YOU.
  • -Let's go, this was a total bad ideaaaaa.!