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Updated: 12/12/2019
Unknown Story
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  • man vs. society
  • I stormed the place and killed the men who fought
  • man vs. nature
  • do not eat those louts it will control your mind and kill you
  • man vs. self
  • oh my poor little dog i miss you so much
  • In the Land of the Cicones, Odysseus brutaly kill the soilder form the war and the inconnent people who has nothing to do with war.
  • man vs. fate
  • In the land of the Lotus-Eaters, Odysseus send his three man to get food from the island but because of arrctive louts they didn't return. So, he goes to find them and bring them without eating the lotus and tie three of them to the ship so they could grt out of spell.
  • man vs. supernatural
  • you mean what seen like 5 day was acutally 5 years of my life
  • "wiping a salt tear from his cheek..." - Odysseus is in conflict with his grief of seeing his near-death dog. " when odysess rutern home and saw what have suitor done to his home.
  • man vs. man
  • i am nobody all people call me noboby
  • In the land of dead when Tiresias tell him he has to lose all of his man in order to go home.
  • if you go home you will lose all of your man and you single can return home
  • when he comes to the problem of the difference in time when he thinks he stayed in the goddesses castle for what he thought was 5 days, but actually 5 years; he may has lost all of his nearest friends and family
  • In the land cycopes when the cycopes lock the door and see odyssey and his crew and try to kill them and how odyssey fought them back.
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