The Crucible

Updated: 10/12/2021
The Crucible

Storyboard Text

  • I don’t compact with no Devil!
  • No, please! I was forced...
  • There was four. There was four...
  • When did you compact with the Devil?
  • You will confess yourself or you will be hanged!
  • Forced?! Who forced you?! Are there other witches?!
  • You're a witch!
  • But I haven't even done anything!
  • You're a witch!
  • In the village of Salem, Massachusetts, 1692, a group of girls are caught dancing in the woods (something considered major sin at the time and place) and accused of witchcraft. They shift the blame to a slave girl.
  • If a man hangs for a witch he forfeit up his property—that’s law! And there is none but Putnam with the coin to buy so great a piece. He is killing his neighbors for their land!
  • My wife is the very brick and mortar of the church! There cannot be a woman closer yet to God than her!
  • Now Hell and Heaven grapple on our backs, and all our old pretense is ripped away!
  • The slave girl pleads innocent, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. She is pressured to pressured to give the names of other witches. In order to save herself, she accuses others. The girls follow the slave girl's example for extra assurance of their safety.
  • You dare to challenge the court!?
  • People are accusing for their own benefit!
  • This girl will protest she has never truly seen witches!
  • We have 91 petitions!
  • Unfortunately, the girls would get a taste for the power to control the life of others, and would continue to accuse many others (witchcraft had not needed any proof, and only required an accusation. the justification for this was that witches magic was only visible to the witch and the victim). Soon others would also start accusing others for personal reasons and/or benefit.
  • There would eventually come a point when three respected men of the community -who all had their wives taken- would have enough. They would write an official case to bring to court, as well as make a petition that would gain many signatures.
  • This cannot persist. We must protest!
  • The court would take their case as a direct opposition to it. And after a desperate struggle that would prove to no real avail, the men fail the case. Following this, two of them, and all those who signed the petition, are arrested in relation to witchcraft.
  • After a short time skip, the entire town is in unrest, and there are major protests happening in the neighboring town. Two of the girls who where the original accusers would sense danger and run away. And many of the protesters and petition signers had either confessed or been hanged.