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Updated: 4/1/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Lousiana Purchase
  • yes it's finally mine
  • Louisiana territory_______________signature
  • the louisiana territory is yours
  • Lewis and Clark Expideiton
  • Hello we are Lewis and Clark
  • Hello I am Sacagawea
  • Impressment
  • AHHHHHH!!!!
  • You are joining our side!!
  • Thomas Jefferson is buying the Lousiana Territory. At first, he only wanted new Orleans and was going to pay 10 million dollars but, France wanted to get rid of the land so they sold the Lousiana Territory for 15 million dollars.
  • The Emargo Act
  • No more shipping out to other people this is for your own good
  • Sacagewea was sold to Lewis and Clark to help them navigate where they are going in the new terriotery. Sacawea was also sent to make sure Lewis and Clark don't get in any trouble with other Native Americans
  • Non-Intercourse Act
  • I understand that it wasn't fair to stop all shipping so now you can only not ship with Great Britain and France
  • Great Britina was taking American people hostage. They were forcing them to fight on their side without a say. They would take them from ships or when they woudl try a settle west.
  • The War Hawks
  • We Want War!
  • We Want War!
  • Thomas Jefferson thought the best way to stop from going into war was by making sure that no ships would be sailed out to make sure that no more people were getting kidnapped.
  • Thomas Jefferson thought it would be easier to instead of canceling trade to anyone to only stop trade with Great Britain and France.
  • Young Members of congress wanted to go into war. They convinced the rest of congress to go into war with Great Britain because of all the bad things they did to them.
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