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  • The two spare handpumps wrenched overboard along with forestay sail, the jib, the dinghies, and the main anchor. Another electric pump found under the chartroom floor was connected to an out pipe and it worked.
  • No replies came from Mayday calls
  • My head is swollen, I have two enormous black eyes and I have a deep cut on my arm too. I didn't show this earlier because I didn't want to worry you when you were trying to save us all.
  • Wavewalker wouldn't hold long enough for us to reach Australia.
  • Two small islands are there, a few hundred km to the east. One of them, Ile Amsterdam, was a French scientific base.
  • Nearby all the boat's main rib frames were smashed down to the keel. Nothing holding up a whole section of the starboard hull except a few cupboard partitions.
  • On January 4, after 36 hours of continuous pumping, they had their first meal.
  • I've found some corned beef and cracker biscuit.
  • Daddy, are we going to die? But Daddy, we aren't afraid of dying if we all can be together- you and mummy, Sue and I.
  • There respite was short lived. At 4pm, black clouds began building up, wind was back to 40 knots and the seas were getting higher. By dawn of January 5, their situation was again desperate.
  • Jon's words made Gordan more determined to fight the sea with whatever he got.
  • Wavewalker rode out the storm and by the morning of January 6, the wind eased.
  • We are going to die.
  • We are going to die.
  • Sue gave Gordan a card she had made. On the front, she had drawn caricatures of Mary and Gordan with the words: Here are some funny people. Did they make you laugh? I laughed a lot as well. Inside was a message: Oh, how I love you both. So this card is to say thank you and let's hope for the best.
  • They were somewhere in 150,000 Km of ocean looking for a 65 Km wide island.
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