Presentación Ingles
Updated: 3/19/2020
Presentación Ingles

Storyboard Text

  • Hello David. I want you to work in te Finance department of My New Company
  • Of course. What Should I have to access work ?
  • Of course. I am used to organizing finances to give good results.
  • The only condition is that you have to cope with all finances and raise money correctly
  • Hello. ¿How about your first day at work?
  • Hi. it was excellent, the company should´t have that financial base, it should get involved with CashFlow, the best platform.
  • Next Day
  • Excellent David, you have all the freedom to do it. I think it is a self-improvement for both the company and you.
  • Boss I would like to make a new launch, showing the high financial rates that I hace achieved, thanks to CashFlow
  • LAMBON!!!!
  • Excellent David. He Fulfilled the ambition
  • 1
  • I present my progress is the finances of this prestigious food company
  • You cannot be bullied by your companions because you lower performance. I will talk with them!!
  • Yes Mr. The only thing I want is the good for the company, I am used to being treated like this.