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Tom Walker and The Devil
Updated: 2/22/2019
Tom Walker and The Devil
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  • Tom Walker and his wife are very miserly and live in a miserly house they don't even feed their horse, they are also very petty to each other and have inmates that live in their house
  • Tom was on his way home from the store and was far away and it was about to storm, so he decided to take a shortcut through a muddy mire and ran into old scratch and told him he could tell him where some treasure is from a pirate named Kidd from ages ago but there was a unmentioned condition but one condition was he had to work for him
  • When Tom got home he told his wife who he ran into and what happened and she was ecstatic and wanted him to take the offer but how petty they were to each other he was gonna tell old scratch he didn't want to.
  • Sense Tom wasn't going to agree with the deal, his wife set out to go tell old scratch that she would do the deal but he rejected her and said i am going to need something very valuable so she ran back home to grab valuables like silver pots and pans but after 4 days she never came back so Tom went to go find his pots and pans in the mire.
  • Tom found his pots, pans and his wife's liver and heart tied together and old scratch. Tom now decided to agree with his conditions sense his wife was dead. He would open a shop in Boston that would loan money and then he would end up just taking everything from the people
  • Tom became very rich and had a huge house and one morning he woke up to a knock on his door and one of his customers was there and he asked for more day and i cant do that i am sorry the devil would take me if i earned one penny off of you. There was a knock at the door and it was a horse and a black man who threw Tom on the horse and took Tom to the mire and the black man and Tom were never to be seen again
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