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Updated: 1/10/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I am a anaconda, I live in the amazon rain forest.
  • people like to add build house so they chop down our trees but that's not fair for us because we need somewhere to live too.
  • Humans can help deforestation by stop cutting down trees and by also putting out the fires because there are thousand of fires there every year.
  • Humans should be careful of deforestation because there are a lot of animals that are very dangerous and they can hurt you very bad such as anacondas, and maybe some other types of snakes.
  • Humans can also recycle and help the environments because animals like turtles aren't that big so they can get stuck in a plastic can or something and die.
  • If humans keep invading our habitats were going to have no where to live and that wouldn't be fair to us because we do not invade you humans houses.
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