BOR Comic
Updated: 12/16/2020
BOR Comic

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  • Hmm.. Apples? check! Milk? Check! Okay, I got everything I need! Time to pay.
  • But how?! Excuse me officer but I paid for the items!
  • Ms. Jane Doe, you're under arrest for shoplifting!
  • This isn't fair! I've been in prison for a year and I either had to pay excessive bail or stay here for longer! I chose to stay here longer because I don't have money, I'm now awaiting trial.
  • Guards, take her away!
  • Ms. Jane Doe, your punishment is to serve the rest of your life in jail with harsh conditions. Case closed.
  • WHAT!? What about my jury!? What about my witnesses!? WHAT ABOUT EVIDENCE!?!?
  • No fair! I never got a chance to tell my part of the story. This is what happens when you live a life without rights.
  • Jane Doe 1896- 1952
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