Updated: 2/7/2020

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  • Mom, I need you to tell me a story.
  • Yes I just need it for English, Mrs.Kays wants us to make Graphic Novels
  • Why do you want to hear a story? Is everything ok?
  • Ok lets go to the living room I like that couch better
  • I'll tell you a funny story about Uncle Michaels boat...
  • Oh boy, I'm excited! It is never a dull moment with him.
  • I'm still mad at him to this day because of this...
  • Get to the story already I don't have all day
  • Close your eyes and picture this story
  • Jeez mom...Okay
  • Uncle Michael took Aunt Tata and I for a boat ride on green wood lake
  • The three of us were enjoying a beautiful sunny day on the lake...Cruising around until we hear the engine start to make a weird noise
  • We were in the middle of the lake and the engine blew.
  • Thats so far! how am I supposed to swim?
  • karen swim back to shore and run to the diner to call dad
  • You need to I need to stay with the boat and your sister
  • Fine whatever u say, it never fails with you mike
  • uh oh, boat bwoken.
  • Bon Voyage!
  • ugh... almost there...
  • I'm so tired...
  • I will never forgive him for this
  • This is so embarrasing
  • I went in and saw the owner, Who was a family friend.
  • Did he help you?
  • yes he called ed for me and gave me a towel to dry off
  • so, what about uncle Michael and Tata ?
  • Ed called the tug boat
  • how did they find the boat
  • I got on the tug boat and guided them to Uncle Michael
  • He is up that way closer to the mountains
  • Ugly man driving the orange boat, thats my stupid brother
  • We were tugged back to shore and now my siblings and I have made a memory that will last a lifetime and we can continue to joke about
  • That was a great story thanks for sharing
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