Updated: 10/2/2021

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  • Dyscalculia
  • Dyscalculia is a learning disability that makes math challenging to process and understand.
  • 45
  • Is this your bus?
  • No I'm on bus 45 not 54
  • 45
  • Wait that is my bus! I hate when I read numbers backwards. I am so embaressed
  • That is bus 45!
  • I have a disability called Dyscalculia. Some of the symptoms of my disability are* Reading numbers backwards similar to dyslexia.* Difficulties with processing numbers and quantities, including: connecting a number to the quantity it represents (the number 2 to two apples)* Counting forward and backwards*comparing amounts*difficulty linking numbers*trouble with mental math*troubles with recognizing patterns and sequencing numbers.
  • How come you read your bus number backwards?
  • What helps you in math class when assignments get hard?
  • Math!
  • More time on tests, allowing the use of calculators, the use of numbers charts, and using real life manipulatives.
  • 7x8=6x7=7x8=
  • I am so glad there are supports to help you be successful in the classroom!
  • 4x2=6x7=7x8=
  • Also, Ms. Williams helps by breaking down problems into smaller steps, reviewing lessons often, and uses visuals on posters. It is also helpful when she writes and draws the problems out.