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  • Hey Vaux! So, I know that you were having a really difficult week... so I think I found something that will definitely make you feel better.
  • A party!! It will be so fun and you'll for sure forget about everything. There's even going to be alcohol!
  • Aw thank you, I really need something to get my mind off of everything. What is it?
  • Oh well... I don't wanna go if there is alcohol involved. My parents wouldn't let me go, and they would kill me if they found out! So, I don't wanna go, but thanks for the offer.
  • Come on! When do your parents ever let you drink alcohol?! Plus all of our friends will be there and trust me, you don't wanna miss out. It'll be so fun!Follow me, we can discuss this as I get to my next class
  • Alessia! There's nothing to discuss. I really just don't want to go. So again, thank you, but no I'm not going.
  • Alessia knows that Vaux was having a super hard week with school, so she suggests that they go to a party with alcohol.
  • Come on!! You have to take some risks if you want to have fun!! So what if your parents find out?! it's not that big of a deal! They'll get over it.
  • Oh my gosh Alessia!! How many times do I need to say no?! stop bugging me about it! I'm not going.
  • Vaux turns down the idea because there is alcohol involved, and she's afraid that her parents would get mad if they found out.
  • Hey before I go..I was thinking that instead if going to this party maybe you could just come over to my house and we could hang out there? 
  • Alessia really wants Vaux to go, so she decides to use the reasoning technique to try and convince her. But once again, Vaux completely turns her down, and now she has used the strategy of repeatedly saying no.
  • Sure that sounds like a lot of fun!
  • Okay! I cant wait, see you soon!
  • Now Alessia keeps on trying to convince Vaux, but Vaux uses the technique of saying no and meaning it.
  • Before Vaux leaves she decides that she should actually suggest something else to do. So, Vaux uses the suggest something else technique and decides to ask Alessia if she wants to hang out, but not at the party.
  • Alessia loves that idea, and agrees to hang out with Vaux!
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