Updated: 1/13/2020
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  • im going to have eternal life
  • my story's about Gilgamesh and Enkidu trying to find eternal life
  • Gilgemeshes journy
  •  eternal life 
  • in going to eat the eternal plant
  • Gilgamesh is halve god halve man and is ruler
  • bow before me
  • ahhhhh im telling ishtar
  • a hunter found enkidu and he told ishtar and she went down to show enkidu some love
  • im going to kill you
  • enkidu and gilgamesh had a fighting match and were evenly matched so they became friends and fought a monster named humbaba
  • OK, we are evenly matched, lets be friends and fight
  • fight me
  • fight me, ahhhh a monster
  • ishtar fell in love with gilgamest but he rejected her so ishtar sent down a bull of heaven and enkidu died
  • kill gilgemesh
  • im dying
  • im coming to kill you
  • im going to kill you bull
  • gilgamesh found a plant of eternal life at the bottom of the sea but a snake ate it and started shredding its skin
  • I have eternal life
  • nooo you ate the flower of eternal life
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