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Updated: 12/16/2019
Unknown Story
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  • I want the U.S. to be reconstructed so I can have Union freedoms in the south
  • Abraham Lincoln:I got elected and will redress slavery's issues
  • 1863-1877
  • 13th AmendmentSlavery shall not exist in the United States
  • 15th Amendment:African American men have the right to vote
  • 14th AmendmentEveryone born in the United States have citizenship
  • Freedman's Bureau
  • It is helping me too. Even providing housing and medical aid. I am a part of a poor white family.
  • But there is too much violence so it's failing...
  • The Freedmen's Bureau is providing food and housing for me and my family
  • Watch out for the KKK!!!
  • Jim Crow LawsExpand racial discrimination in the U.S. against African Americans
  • The blacks have no role in politics. I run the south now.
  • Political ChangeAfrican American men were protected equal in the law
  • Economic ChangeThe lives of slaves, white people, and slave owners were changed
  • Social ChangeSlave families were reunited
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