Devone Thomas

Updated: 3/11/2021
Devone Thomas

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  • 1.Hey Mary on today news we'll be discussing on how China raised taxes for military purposes
  • 2.Really Tom they raised it again dont they already spend about $178 billion on the military.
  • 3.There goes my dream about moving to China
  • 1.Hey babe you were born in China Right, Well I heard that A female can can live up to age 78+ 
  • 3.WHAT!! NO WAY-- thats like billions years old
  • 2.Wow really thats cool, And oh yeah a male can live up to age 74+ I wonder why that is
  • 3.Isnt the labor force like 774.71 million
  • 4.Its almost time to go home, YESSSSS!!!
  • 1.Okay can anyone tell me the labor force of China.
  • 2.I dont know?
  • 2.Uhhh.... yeah I do we sell things from maize, rice, vegetables, wheat, and sugar cane...ETC
  • 1.Excuse me sir do you know what they sell here in this Chinese shop?
  • 3.Can you please hurry up miss
  • 2.what nah I only researched on how much arable land China uses which is 11.3%
  • 1.Hey you got my info on how much land China uses
  • 2.Dude chill were just here to do our jobs we have to get some of china's resources like Zinc, coal, iron ore, talc, and petroleum
  • 3.and there aint nothing down here calm down
  • 1.Man why are we here I didn't sign up for this you dont know whats down here