Unknown Story
Updated: 3/2/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Many monkeys are produced for each monkey there is an estimate of two little monkeys.
  • In this enviorment there are two types of monkeys ones with long legs and ones with short legs.
  • The enviorment where the monkeys live is a rainforest filled with trees for them to swing on and plants for food everywhere
  • A drought occurs causing all of the rainforests to dry out causing the bananas to grow high up in the trees causing the short leg monkeys a prolem with being able to jget high up in the trees. There are also lions that roam the ground when the drough occured all of the short branches the shorted leg monkeys could reach broke of causing the short monkeys not being able to get up away from the lions.
  • The lack of food and the lions attacking the short leg monkeys cause the short leg monkeys to die in this enviorment.
  • The short monkeys die off causing the long leg monkeys to reproduce long leg monkeys that are more adaptable to the enviorment.
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