Unknown Story

Updated: 6/16/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction of the situation and character
  • Unbelievable feature achieved by character
  • Clip of achievemnt
  • Clip to persuade the audience
  • Catchy phrase
  • Page 15 seconds: Text about an unavailable feature that each character achieved.Camara dolly shot the main character, everything is seen closer.Background noise: people chatting in the distance and outside noises, that can be heard from the setting.
  • Clip advertising the product
  • Page 2 4 seconds:Clips about what the character achieves appear without transition between scenes.Clip is film from diferent angules.Background sound: music and noises related to what is happening in the scene.
  • Page 33 seconds:Catchy phrase (live the unavailable) appears in the middle of the scene.Camara slowly dolly shot the character. Background noise: people chatting in the distance and outside noises that can be heard from each setting.
  • Page 42 seconds:Clip of the product being advertised. Includes a photo of the product, the price, and more.