Mississippi Studies
Updated: 9/9/2020
Mississippi Studies

Storyboard Text

  • It was partially built in Greenwood before being towed to Yazoo City. From then on. Brown had to find a bunch of scarps in order to finish.
  • Thank you for starting the boat for me. I will take it from here.
  • I got as much done as possible.
  • In order to finish the boat Issac Brown's men had to pull up armor from sunken barges. They also had to search in the woods for wood. It had two mismatched engines from a wreck.
  • I want you to find as much armor as possible!
  • Yes Sir!
  • On July 15, 1862 they got into a fight with an Union Vessel. After a while the ride by the vessel and exchange a few shots. Then, they arrive to Vicksburg to cheering citizens.
  • Got it!
  • No ram, no run, just fight!