Biology Gene Expression Samuel Almquist
Updated: 12/12/2020
Biology Gene Expression Samuel Almquist

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  • What is gene expression, and its factors? Also what happens When it isn't regulated?
  • Factors in gene expression and its synthesis of proteins and RNA are that it needs chemical mechanisms to start and stop the process when needed.
  • Gene expression is the process of activating the gene to synthesize either RNA or proteins.
  • But what happens when gene expression isn't regulated?
  • Gene expression can begin to not regulate due to mutations. These mutations can cause uncontrolled cell growth, cancer, and other bad things.
  • But not all mutations are bad. some can help us or could not even have noticeable effects on us.
  • Somethings that affect gene expression are the environment they are in such as temperature. Another thing that can effect it are the type of cell. While prokaryotic cells have no membrane bound organelles meaning transcription and translation have to happen almost at the same time. This also means that to control synthesis they only focus on transcription and everything else just happens automatically. On the other hand Eukaryotes control synthesis throughout the processes.
  • An example of environment effecting gene expression is in Siamese cats where they are intended to be a darker color by creating melanin, but their body temperature is too hot for it's synthetization to happen. This makes it so depending on the temperature of their body or outer environment can change their color over time, but naturally they are born pure white and as they grow their limbs and face darken.
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