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Updated: 2/12/2021
Storyboard 1

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  • Howdy, I'd like to buy a stock, I heard they just keep climbn'
  • Yes'r they do, I'll even let ya put down $20, and let ya loan the rest.
  • That would be mighty fine, thank you very much
  • yer welcome sir! Your fine with the 20% margin on that sir.
  • 'Course sir!
  • Thats great! And oh look, the stock jst rose, we split that $50, $80, would you like to reinvest your stock
  • Heck Ya, I'm gonna be rich soon.
  • My money, Noooooo! I can't pay ya back either.
  • Shoot, the markets crashing. I can't get the money out in time.
  • I guess I'm broke now. How will I live, and eat, feed my familie!