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India Imperialism
Updated: 4/17/2020
India Imperialism
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  • 1. Weakness of the Mughal empire led to power vacuum.2. British East India Company, a trading company founded during the age of exploration, began to rule the area using “sepoys” - Indian soldiers led by British commander3. India had a lot of raw materials and markets for goods.
  • How did Imperialism begin in India?
  • The British wanted more POWER!
  • Benefits: 1. Brought order and stability to divide states.2. Led to honest, efficient gov.3. Infrastructure4.Education5.More services and transportation
  • Imperialism Impact on the people in India
  • The background is a government with a British flag to show the British took over.
  • Coffin shows that many Indians died because of the brutality of the British
  • Negatives:1.Education only to richer Indians2. British got all the benefits 3.British manufactured goods4. Unfair tax collectors5. Degrading
  • British was weakened by WWII and India was divided into two
  • We must practice passive resistance. Followers of me (Gandhi) must refuse to obey British laws, serve in the military and pay taxes.
  • We need to spin our own clothes, eliminate imported British materials and have many protests !
  • How Gandhi changed Imperialism in India
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