Unknown Story
Updated: 4/16/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Brother's mom just had a baby brother and he was born weeks before the due date. They named the baby William Armstrong.
  • The family thought William was going to die. He had a weak heart but had surprisingly survived. The baby was unable to walk or talk as fast as a normal baby.
  • Why can't he just walk?
  • Brother nicknamed William, Doodle because it fit him more. Brother began teaching Doodle to walk because he was ashamed of his brother.
  • Don't leave me Brother! Don't leave.
  • Doodle was getting better at walking and Brother pushed Doodle to his breaking point. Brother showed his parents that Doodle could walk. He didn't tell them that he did it out of pride
  • The family looked out the window one day and they saw a scarlet ibis. This bird should not be able to survive in the weather conditions where they life. Because of this they watched the bird die.
  • One day while Brother was helping Doodle as normal it began to rain. Brother started running and Doodle couldn't keep up because he was so weak. Brother noticed that Doodle was not following anymore. He went back to get Doodle but he had collapsed and died. He realized that his pride had hurt Doodle.