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Rock Cycle
Updated: 10/17/2020
Rock Cycle
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  • Hello, my name is Roxanne and today I will be interviewing the many stages of rock during the rock cycle! Starting guest star, Rocky! Now tell us Rocky, you are now a sedimentary rock. How are those formed in the Rock Cycle?
  • Why thanks for asking! Sedimentary rocks can take thousands of years to form by sediment, which came from weathered and eroded igneous rocks, which then gets deposited as layers on top of each other. The sediment then gets compacted and concreted together under pressure which will then over time form me, sedimentary rock!
  • Wow, this cave is dark! Explain to us, Rocky, on how the metamorphic rock stage is formed because you are now well metamorphic rock!
  • Metamorphic rock is created when rocks are under a high heat and pressure, changing the chemical compounds and texture of the original sedimentary rock. Metamorphic rocks include marble, slate, and gneiss!
  • I sadly couldn't join Rocky on this part of the Rock Cycle. But the positive side is that he sent us a text explaining his next stage in the Rock cycle!
  • Hello Roxanne, I am now molten lava! This part of the rock cycle happens when metamorphic rocks get pushed deeper by the Earth's rocky crust into deeper layers of Earth, which when deep enough with very high heat and pressures, metamorphic rocks can turn into magma! Is it hot in here or is it only me?
  • Sorry that you can't see me, Roxanne, I'm an igneous rock on the volcano! I am an extrusive igneous rock which is formed when lava erupts from volcanoes and cools down on Earth's surface; making an extrusive igneous rock!
  • Wow, an volcanic eruption, and Rocky is back! So you are now an extrusive igneous rock, correct? And where are you? I can't see you!
  • That volcano was truest amazing, Rocky, and I see that you are now sediment!
  • Yes, I am now sediment! As years pass, igneous rocks get weathered down by natural causes and then are eroded away and deposited at new locations, now making me sediment on a beach! Sediment can include fossils, sand, pebbles, bits of rock, and shells!
  • Wow, it's been awhile since I saw you Rocky! And what's even cooler is that you are now at the original form you began as!
  • You are welcome Rocky. Thank you for telling us the steps in the Rock cycle!
  • That is right, Roxanne! After years of me, sediment, being compacted and concreted along with many layers of sediment under pressure, I have become sediment rock again! The cool thing is is that the rock cycle repeats and repeats over and over again for millions of years! Thank you for interviewing me, Roxanne!
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