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Updated: 1/21/2021
Unknown Story

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  • the class room was messed up the next day the teacher came! the bully of the class was being rude to even tho they were in front of the teacher...she said "you better not punk on me."
  • when juju get out of school, she's gonna beat char's but good.. char says that's another reason why I cant tell...chars rocking and thinking crying and the teacher is standing by them quitely...
  • the teacher puts her hand on char, char said if i get in trouble you gonna have to move to another neighborhood. and she also rocking and crying.
  • maleeka thinking about the boys who tried to kiss her and she whipped them, and when she helped john and johns thinking about her.
  • miss saunder has her arm around me and she said it sure does feels good to have her here, and she's letting char speak her mind.
  • char says " you gonna leave me out dry like this, wait till later you ugly stupid black thing" maleeka said " CALL ME BY MY NAME! and maleeka screamed it out to....
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