Updated: 9/9/2021

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  • Why are you asking me about my home life I thought this was about Len
  • Cameron how do you feel ?Do you have a good home life ?What did you know about your friend Leonardo gray ?
  • It meant Basically we just wore darker clothing I really don't know why just to show I guess we were outcast and we were together as friends
  • Len was my friend was he a good friend no not all the time but we had our flaws. There was this girl in our group Carla Len had a crush on her .We all started going dark people thought we were like a cult but we weren't we were just outcast
  • Going dark what did that mean
  • Leonardo stated getting bullied by this guy in the football team Brad and he started to say things like the school needed peace and how he wanted revenge
  • I heard you were rude to my girlfriend loser. You really need to get a lifeYour a waste.I'm gonna fight you .
  • It's not my fault your girlfriend never stops talking. what are you really gonna do about it
  • Len was different he talked about how he was gonna make sure things were different and that everything will go down as planned. I didn't know he had guns till he opened the black bag .I was Scared
  • Cameron Parker is getting questioned by Richard Edwen about who he is and what he knew about his friend Leonardo Gray and what could have lead up to what happened on August 22.
  • So what happened that led up to August 22 and what was different about Leonardo
  • We must start the bleeding there needs to be change I will make sure of it
  • What is going on Len
  • Cameron Parker Starts telling Richard how he feels about being friends with leonardo aka len and how there was another person in their group named Carla Evans.
  • It was horrible Len got mad because I wouldn't help him in the shooting and started to shoot at me. So I ran and started to hide all I heard was screaming and shooting. I didn't know what to do
  • So what happened on that day with Leonardo
  • I hear shots Someone call 911
  • Help
  • Bang Bang Bang
  • I hear it from the library
  • Cameron starts telling the investigators more about Leonardo about how he was facing bullying in school. That's when Leonardo started to want revenge
  • So That is how you feel . Thanks for telling me about the shooting on August 22 at Madison high school
  • Len was my friend he was just very troubled but I will never forgive him for what he did. He hurt to many people just over revenge. I hate that he took his own life and decided to hurt many other people it was wrong
  • We need medical there are kids in the school injured.Make sure are the kids are out and safe
  • Yes sir
  • Cameron tells the investigator Victoria Lash where he started to really see that something was off with Leonardo when he had a bag in the library and how len wanted Cameron to cut him 'to start the bleeding 'Leonardo said
  • Cameron Starts talking about the school shooting that happened on August 22 because of Leonardo. He talked about what happened and what he had heard and been through.
  • Cameron talks about how Leonardo had killed himself and he killed brad and injured a lot of students before the police had came. Cameron said that Leonardo was just very troubled and just wanted revenge.