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Updated: 10/14/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Hey Eli do you think you can make something to get the seeds out of our cotton faster?
  • Eli Whitney Cotton Gin
  • Eli Whitney was keen to impress General Greene and learned about the way the Southern Plantations worked. He learned that there were two types of cotton. The Long-staple variety was easy to separate from its seeds but it could be grown only along with the coastal areas. The only variety that grew inland had sticky green seeds and it was extremely time-consuming to pick the seeds out of the fluffy white cotton bolls.
  • Yes sir I can do that.
  • He put his mind to the task, whilst carrying out his duties as a tutor, and produced a working model within six months. The invention of the Eli Whitney Cotton Gin allowed the sticky seeds to be removed mechanically from the fibers. De-seeded cotton is cleaned, carded (fibers aligned), spun, and woven into a fabric leaving a smooth piece of cotton fabric.
  • I think this will do, thank you Eli.
  • This is what I have made, its nothing special and wasn't made in a factory
  • The invention of the Eli Whitney Cotton Gin had a huge impact on slavery in the Southern states. It meant that another highly profitable cash crop could be introduced, using the slave plantation system of farming. One of the main reasons for the re-invigoration of slavery was the invention and rapid widespread adoption of the Eli Whitney Cotton Gin.
  • The Eli Whitney Cotton Gin separated the fibers from the seed ten times faster that the slaves could do by hand. One slave could clean 100 pounds of cotton in a day.
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