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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/15/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Hanna you know what were the causes of the Congress of Vienna?
  • Sure Rafa, some causes were Napoleonic expansion and the end of the Old Regime also were the Political liberalism, but the Objective was PROGRESS
  • Our friend David are going to take with her with his friends so they can talk more about the Restoration
  • Heyyy! you know what hapen After Napoleon loss and was exiled?
  • I know that the members were Russia, represented by Tsar Alexander I, Great Britain, represented by Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, Austria, represented by Prince Klemens von Metternich,Prussia, represented by Prince Karl August von Hardenberg, and by France, represented by Prince Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand,
  • Of corse that I know Dvid, well I know that Austria, Rusia, Great Britain and Prussia reunited in the Congress of Vienna and the objective of this was the Restoration
  • I´m Russia and I want a peaceful Europe, but alsowant to control Poland.
  • I´m Great Britain and I want the opposedRussian expansion and push to strengthen the German and Italian states.
  • I´m Austria and Idesired order in Europebut also desired to be in charge of the confederations of German and Italianstates.
  • I´m Prussia and I want Poland but is willing to make some compromises for the common good.
  • I´m France an I merely longed to stay in one piece.d I want the
  • Our Goals were
  • Now come with me to know about Holy Aliance
  • - Establish the balance and security of Europe- Encourage conservative regimes- Contain France within its current borders- Learn how to cooperate with each other for long term peace.
  • Richard for last can you give us some information about Holy Aliance plis
  • And the objective was Establish a new international law based on the chrisitan principles.
  • Sure Bella, well Holy Aliance was Signed by: Alexander I of Russia, Francis I of Austria, and Frederick William III of Prussia in Sept. 26 1815
  • They miss to explain us the concequences and the consequences was the Liberal Revolutions and Hispanic independences and weak Spanish crown, Serbia and Greece try to escape the Ottoman Empire, Revolts ( Austria and Italy) Holy Alliance manage to put down both revolts
  • Thanks Hanna for all thins information I really like it
  • I hope you enjoy Rafa, because our friends put all their effort, see you tomorrow
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