Unknown Story
Updated: 2/13/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • You wake up in a room you never see before you do not remember anything. You find a paper. “Welcome to the foundation, you were sent here due to certain circumstances. After joining the foundation you will be referred to as Class-D, D-Class Personel, or your new name D-9341. Your job is to perform tests or experiments with anomalous objects or entities, some are dangerous, some are safe. If you perform a full month’s work you get to leave the foundation. Remember your cooperation is your best interest. - The Foundation” Muffled voices are heard behind the door. The door slides open. Two guards are in front of the doorway. One of the masked guards speaks being muffled by their mask “Hey, you. Do me a favor and step out of your cell.” 
  • You follow his instructions. He speaks again “Just follow me and by the way, we are authorized to terminate uncooperative personal so don’t get any ideas.” You willingly follow. As you look around you see posters placed around that read “Secure Contain Protect.”, researchers typing, the guards start to have a conversation but you can barely hear due to their masks.“Welp, we are here just enter through that the test chamber and follow all the instructions. Oh, you are going to need this for some information.”, he hands you a paper you read the paper. “SCP-173 is a statue representing a stick figure of unknown origin. The object moves at incredible speeds but only when no living organism is maintaining eye contact. The main method of the figure killing an organism is by the snapping of mainly the neck or a vertebra.”, with a note written in pen, “DON’T LOOK AWAY.” After reading the paper you enter the chamber. “Subject D-9341 please enter the containment chamber.” The voice came from the balcony, it was a researcher. You see the stick figure facing a wall and two other D-Class staring at the figure notifying each other about when they are blinking.
  • The lights go out. You are the only survivor, the figure is gone, and the loudspeaker yells that all the creatures have broken containment. You hear the screams of the other personnel. It’s too much so you run. You think of saving others or surviving but instead, you search for people you can work with to escape.
  • A body falls from the ceiling covered in a black liquid. It starts corroding the floor and body. You rush through the facility gathering supplies such as a navigator, keycard, and a radio. After nearing a turn you see a hand emerge from a puddle of the same black liquid. Next an arm and a body.
  • The entity looks like it was rotting. With a fowl sent following it. It cased you through the hallway and the burning parts of the facility. It walked through the walls and doors. Until it left after hearing a drilling noise followed by the agonizing voice of the pain.
  • You make it to the entrance zone. A researcher that is dying tells you one thing “Shut the remote door control to stop SCP-079.”, you feel confused until finding a paper describing it to be a computer with full sentience and hatred towards, humans