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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/7/2020
Unknown Story
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  • My name is John Dalton. I was a chemist who did tons of experiments. In 1808, I discovered the Atomic theory.
  • The atomic theory which I created states that all matter is created of atoms. It also states that atoms cannot be created,divided, or destroyed. Lastly, it states that atoms are identical from a certain element, but different to atoms in different elements.
  • What is the atomic theory, Mr.Dalton?
  • Before my discovery of the atomic theory, there were other discoveries that other scientists made about the different parts that the atoms is made out of.
  • This is my atomic model. It shows an atom with electrons.
  • My name is J.J. Thompson. I am a scientist who discovered that atoms are made up of smaller parts. I also found out that atoms are made up of negative charged particles called electrons.
  • Hello, my name is Ernest Rutherford. I am a scientist who conducted tons of experiments to study the atoms. I was the one who found out that atoms have a nucleus and have positive electric charges called protons.
  • This my atomic model of an atom in 1909
  • Hi,I'm Niels Bohr I am a scientist .In my model I describe that electrons have a negative charge and circles around the positive nucleus.Niels Bohr theory didn't quite mack up to his work so it has been changed over the years keeping his terry in mind.
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