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  • Gerardo Luna, a jewelry salesman, has always dreamed to go to the forest. One day, Ambo, an orchid gatherer,who buys jewelry,tells him about living in the forest.
  • Living in the forest was a fun and new experience for me.
  • Really? I would really want to go to the forest someday. I'll tell my wife about it and see what she thinks.
  • Are you sure about that Gerardo? It has nothing to do with the business, so I really don't like your idea of going.
  • Honey, do you remember Ambo? Well he told me about what it's like living in the forest and I really would like to go. It is my dream
  • Gerardo never mentioned his dream again after what her wife said.But then, his wife died.
  • With Gerardo's wife gone, he thought that, at last, he can now fulfill his long-time dream. Ambo then visited again at the store and planned their trip but his Ate Tere was not glad with the idea and suggested that Gerardo should marry Peregrina.
  • After what his sister said, Gerardo still proceeded to his plans and both him and Ambo went to the hills.
  • Gerardo, I don't really like this idea of yours on going to the forest. What I think you should do is marry Peregrina, for sure she'll take your hand if you propose.
  • Gerardo and Ambo then started their journey, experiencing the forest in a not so wonderful way.Finally the forest became dim and Gerardo couldn't sleep that well at night. He thought of his wife and God the whole night.
  • Gerardo could hear strange sounds caused by tree worms and the flow of water from afar. All in all, he feels that he will never understand the forest.
  • God..
  • Gerardo then goes home and went to his Ate Tere's house to get his house keys, when there he met Peregrina.
  • Peregrina smiled eagerly but uncertainty to Gerardo's face with what he said. He then heard a jangling in his hand and that something was closing above his hand, and whoever it was, was rattling the keys
  • Pereg, as soon as I get these clothes off I shall ask you a question that's very - very important to me.
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