Lily, Daisy and Naomi

Lily, Daisy and Naomi
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  • *Fire Alarm
  • Lily, Daisy and Naomi!
  • On one bright early morning In their lovely home ,A mother went to wake up her daughter daisy to get her ready for school. Daisy loves getting up and getting prepared for school. She makes her bed, brushes her teeth, Brushes her hair , and she is always excited about what she is wearing to school. After she is all dressed and eats her morning breakfast daisy and her mom walk down to the bus stop together.
  • Every morning Daisy gets to see her best friend lily because she stays in the same neighborhood. As they wait for the bus together they play their favorite game Patty cake. When the bus arrived daisy and lily both wave goodbye to their parents and then they are both off to school.
  • Once Daisy and lily arrive to school they immediately wanted to say good morning to their teacher and talk to their other friends. As everyone got to their correct classroom and in their seats the teacher had began to start class. She started off with taking attendance making sure everyone was there.
  • After making sure the teacher had all of her students she began the lesson of the day which was reading. She started off by reading the class one of their favorite books. After a few laugh and jokes the teacher assigned each student to pick another book to read until time for them to go to recess.
  • Once the students get to recess some kids decided to hula hoop, some began jumping rope ,and others began to play a friendly game of freeze tag. During the students recess time the teacher was alerted that she would be receiving a new student and her name was Naomi.
  • After recess the students have lunch but today's lunch time was very interesting. The students found out that they were getting a new student so Everyone was on the edge and super excited except for two. Daisy and lily were not as happy as the other students because they liked the friends they already had and didn't want anyone to mess that up.
  • As the students return from lunch everyone is dashing to the classroom waiting to see who and what Naomi looks like. Lily and daisy are the last two to walk in the classroom and when they do everyone is gathered around Naomi having conversations and just trying to learn more about her. Lily and daisy feel very left out because all of their friends are wanting to get to know Naomi better.
  • The teacher properly introduced Naomi and then allows her to tell the class somethings about herself. The class is very intrigued and interested in what she had to say. The class loved how Naomi was not from were all the rest of the kids were from , she came all the way from across the world. Shortly After Naomi told the class a couple things about herself and where she is from the fire alarm began to go off. The teacher and everyone else in the building began to escort all of their students out of the building and follow protocol.
  • Naomi wanted to know more about lily and daisy so To start off the conversation, Naomi complemented lily and daisy and little did they know that was the start of a beautiful friendship. Daisy and lily tried to keep their attitudes bur Naomi just kept killing them with kindness. They walked together during the fire drill and even stood in line together. Eventually they were doing everything together. They all did their school work together and They had plenty of sleepovers being best friends forever. THE END!
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