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Updated: 11/15/2017
Unknown Story
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  • The Battle of Gonzales
  • The Mexican soldiers at the battle of Gonzales
  • Give us the cannon
  • Leaders
  • Some Mexican soldiers were sent to the town of Gonzales to take a cannon from the citizens of Gonzales, but the people of Gonzales refused to give up the cannon Mexico had given them to protect themselves from the natives. When the soldiers decided that they weren't going to leave Gozales the people of Gonzales shoot the cannon at the Mexican soldiers. Then a small battle was fought.
  • the Battle of the Alamo
  • We were sent to Mexico to collect a small cannon from the town of Gonzales ,but to our surprise the people of Gonzales did not want to give up the cannon. So we decided to wait and see what to do next but on October the 2, 1835 the people of Gonzales shoot a cannon ball at us. We were very shocked and surprised to have been shot by the little militia in Gonzales but we quickly picked up our guns and began to fight. Eventually the people of Gonzales won the battle because we had to surrender due to the fact that the cannon was so small and not worth fighting for. Santa Anna and Mexico were very angry when they lost time battle.
  • There were 2 leaders during the battle of Gonzales J.H Moore was the leader of the militia in Gonzales and Lieutenant Francois Castaneda was the leader of the Mexican Army. This Battle was not fought for long, but it did spark the start of the Texas revolution this battle was the first battle of the Texas revolution.
  • The battle of the Alamo was a battle fought by the Texans and the Mexican troops. The Texans which was led by William B Travis fought his battle for the independence of Texas while Santa Anna and his army only fought this battle just to get revenge on the Texans. All the Texans ended up dying and Santa Anna's army won with only about 600 Mexicans left when they started off with about 1800 Mexican troops. The Texans were determined to get Texas becasue they only had about 200 troops but killed about 1200 Mexicans.
  • Victory or death
  • I give no mercy to any one
  • Santa Anna's Army fought William B Travis Army because he was furious with the Texans (they were always rebelling and the defeated some of his Mexican troops) so he was very serious about defeating the Texans army and when he did he and Mexico was happy.
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